In this article, we will provide information about what you must bring while on vacation to Nusa Penida so you don’t get lost and of course your vacation will be memorable.

Antimo / Motion Sickness Drugs
Crossing by fast boat for approximately 40 minutes will certainly be torturous for those who can’t stand the sea waves. If you feel unwell or get seasick easily, take motion sickness medication (Antimo) with you. If you are not used to driving a speedboat, choose a seat at the back, this reduces the shaking when the boat moves in the sea.

Plastic bags
Save a plastic bag when traveling using the spebot in case you feel unwell or experience seasickness.

By wearing a hat can reduce the intensity of sunlight that enters the sun

Sunscreen/Closed Clothing
Due to the natural conditions of Nusa Penida which are so hot during the day and not much shade grows along the way, it is advisable to use body protection from the sun.

Using glasses besides being able to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun can also protect the eyes from ‘glitter’.

When entering the speedboat from Sanur, all passengers will walk towards the beach. This makes the lower body definitely wet. To minimize the wetness of the clothes used, it is recommended to use sandals.

Shorts/Pants Can Be Folded
To minimize the wetness of the clothes used when departing from the beach to the speadboat, it is recommended to use shorts/trousers that can be folded. If you can’t wear shorts (because you’re wearing a hijab), wear pants that aren’t tight enough to bend at least an inch below the knees.

Drinking Water and Snacks
Nusa Penida is a growing tourist destination. Not many stalls can be found along the way. Even if there is, the position must be in the middle of the village crowd. Drinking water and snacks in the bag is a lifesaver when we are thirsty or hungry while traveling around Nusa Penida.

Sufficient Cash
You need to prepare enough cash while on vacation in Nusa Penida considering that the number of ATM machines is still limited, there are only 2 units, and even then in the city center.

A sling bag is recommended for carrying your important valuables such as credit cards and money. Not only is your bag safer on the outside, it leaves your hands freer to pick up.

Change of clothes
You can do light activities such as playing in the water or swimming in Angel billabong or crystal bay. For that, prepare a change of clothes to anticipate if your clothes get wet.

Swimwear is very necessary when you choose underwater tours, both snorkeling and diving
Towel A towel is needed to block sweat or when you take a shower.

Bring toiletries when choosing underwater tours in Nusa Penida.

Mosquito repellent
Prepare mosquito repellent lotion because you will be traveling in nature.

First aid
Prepare first aid or first aid in the form of medicines, eucalyptus oil
Camera/Cellphone/Camera Underwater cameras are indispensable to capture your holiday moments in Nusa Penida