6 Tourism Objects of West Nusa Penida Become Viral in Social Media

6 Tourism Objects of West Nusa Penida Become Viral in Social Media

“Nusa Penida” is a word that has now become the prima donna or viral in cyberspace. Nusa Penida is excellent because it provides an alternative for tourists who are tired of the hustle and bustle of Kuta beach in Bali. Tourists who want to enjoy an unspoiled natural atmosphere, the uniqueness of the beach with naturally formed cliffs, the natural beauty of the countryside are very appropriate when choosing Nusa Penida.

The topography of the Nusa Penida area is flat to hilly. For the coastal part of the area is flat, the rest is hilly. White limestone valleys and hills provide a different natural sensation for visiting tourists. The road to tourist attractions provides a unique experience, because some of the roads in Nusa Penida are still in the refinement stage so that they give off-road impressions.

Nusa Penida Island is a regency surrounded by the sea. So tourists who want to go to the island must use sea transportation. For tourists who have a short time to visit this island without staying overnight, you should be smart in making a list of tourist lists. Because the distance between penida far apart. Here the team describes 6 Primadona Tours in Nusa Penida that can be reached in 1 day without staying in the West Nusa Penida area.

Broken Beach

Broken Beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village. To reach this object, tourists need 60 minutes from the port of Banjar Nyuh Pier. Broken Beach or the local people usually call it Pasih Uug is a beach with a large hole/tunnel in the middle. According to the legend of Pasih Uug, Broken Beach is a village. Tourists are presented with a view of the blue sea water and the expanse of hills. Along the cliffs in the sea there are snorkeling activities. Because in this area there are tame manta rays. In the damaged beach area it is not suitable for tourists to play light water or take a sea bath because the currents here are swift.

Angel Bilabong

Angel Bilabong is a basin that is close to the damaged beach area or commonly called Broken Beach, where sea water can enter/empty into it so that it is shaped like a seawater pool. In this area tourists can do swimming activities, as long as they keep observing the movement of ocean currents. The location of the Bidaribong is adjacent to Broken Beach

Location : Pasih Uug Beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village

Kelingking Beach

The Kelingking beach is behind the Kelingking hill. To reach the beach, visitors must go down the hill with a 160 meter footpath in approximately 1 hour. Under these conditions, most visitors enjoy the atmosphere of Kelingking Beach from the top of the cliff. Visitors who are already on the beach will enjoy the sensation of white sand and waves that greet tourists.

Paluang Cliff

Paluang Cliff is a selfie spot set against the pinkie hill from behind. This location is adjacent to the pinkie beach. From Kelingking Beach it only takes 5 minutes to Paluang Cliff. This tourist attraction has no safety on the edge of the cliff. So visitors must be careful when taking photos here.

Love Tree

Tree of love is a dead tree. Why is it called the tree of love? It is said to be a tree of love even though its shape does not resemble a heart because in the past most of them immortalized their love on a tree and took pictures with the pinkie beach in the background. So that the tree of love becomes a favorite spot for tourists visiting the pinkie beach.

The exact location is in Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Bali.

Crystal Bay

The name Crystal Bay is given because the sea water is clear like crystal. Apart from being surrounded by natural green hills, Crystal Bay Beach has its own charm with the presence of atolls (coral islands) such as Tanah Lot beach. Crystal Bay Beach has an atoll which also has a Hindu temple/place of worship called Pura Batu Bolong. On this beach tourists can do swimming and snorkeling activities. At this location there are many speedboat rentals for snorkeling.

Location in Banjar Penida, Desa Sakti

Thus our explanation about the western part of Nusa Penida, hopefully it will be useful for tourists who want to spend their holidays in Penida.